Let Kashmir be your next destination.
Give us a call and we will curate an itinerary for you.

Let Kashmir be your next destination.
Give us a call and we will curate an itinerary for you.

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    About Us

    Softtech IT World is a wholesaler of computers, laptops, and desktop computer motherboards in Bhilwara, Rajasthan, India. Softtech IT World has both online and offline stores.

    Softtech IT World Assured- Our promise to deliver quality products

    We want you to avail the best quality products from the best sellers in the country. Hence, Softtech IT World Assured . Items with the Softtech IT World Assured badge undergo 6, rigorous quality check processes, right from storage to packaging. You are assured to get home the best quality products with free* delivery.

    Shop online with the best deals & offers

    When you find that your favorite Laptops, like a nice Dell, Hp ,Lenovo is available online at very low prices under some great offers, nothing could stop you from owning one. Online fashion shopping has become so much more comfortable and affordable with the plethora of deals and offers we bring forth on a daily basis. Exciting both women and men alike, offers and deals do rounds on Softtech IT World not only with apparel, and lifestyle accessories, but also with laptops, electronics, and so many more. There is something for everyone and that too from the most sought-after brands like Samsung, Motorola, Dell, HP, Canon, Nikon, Philips, Adidas, Reebok, Nike and so on.

    Apart from the best deals & offers & online. Now you need not refrain from purchasing that expensive mobile phone you always wished to own.

    Purchase online referring to our easy buying guides

    Buying an electronic item or any other product with a lot specifications to follow might not always be an easy task. We care for our customers and hence, we have prepared simple, easy-to-follow buying guides for many products. Guides like ‘How to buy a smart phone online’, ‘How to buy a laptop online?’, and many more are designed using videos as well as transcripts so that the customer makes an easy purchase, avoiding all complexities involved.

    Every Order is a wish to be fulfilled – Ab Har Wish Hogi Poori

    To Softtech IT World, a wish is something that it fulfills for every Indian, whenever , wherever. From a massive collection to choose from, at delightful prices to fit into your budget, you choose your box of happiness which will be delivered to you by us no matter how distant you are.

    We acknowledge system integration as the coalescing of components or sub-systems into a unified system that operates collectively as a whole. In the realm of Information Technology in businesses, system integration entails the grouping of computing systems and software applications, whether physically or functionally, as an interconnected unit.

    System integration is crucial when you and your business attempt to add new functionality to existing IT solutions that you use in your organization. It is also vital when trying to implement new software. In all respects, system integration is essential to the success of IT solutions – specifically, as you try to increase business efficiency and reduce maintenance costs.

    IT consulting companies place great importance in system integration as it can be the rise or downfall of a successful IT endeavor. If your organization’s systems aren’t synchronized to operate as a whole in a pain-free method, they can bring about significant increases in costs and resource consumption. Thus, it is critical to evaluate the entire strategy around system integration to approach it assertively.

    System integration should also be thought of as an ongoing practice – in essence, we recommend engaging in system integration practices with the thought in mind of growing in the future and scaling a system further to integrate additional components. You’ll be glad of the embedded flexibility this provides you in the future when you need to add more elements to an existing system that you want to size up.